7 Day Return Policy

By keeping our return policy to a 7 day period, we have found that we can save customers around 3% by keeping our prices lower than our competitors. With our 7 day return policy, you can be sure that you have made the right purchase. Simply return or exchange any item within 7 days after receiving it as long as it was not a special order.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return any item as long as it is not a special order item. Special order items include, but are not limited to, any items that have been engraved. Please note that items showing signs of wear or those that have been altered, resized (by a jeweler other than Alcias Jewelers), or damaged in any way cannot be accepted for return.

We have a three step return process

  • Your Return Authorization Code

    Call 877-ALICIAS and you will be given a Return Authorization Code. Write this code on the return invoice and the outside of your package.

  • Package Your Return

    Include all original packaging and collateral material. If your item was delivered with a diamond certificate and that certificate is not returned, you may be liable for the $250 replacement cost. For security reasons, do not write Alicia's Jewelers anywhere on the outside of the box.

  • Insure Your Package

On your invoice, if the price of the item you're returning is listed as

  1. Less than $500: You can ship it via any carrier. Be sure to ship your item fully insured, and request a return receipt for confirmation that your shipment has reached its destination.*
  2. More than $500: Ship your package via US Postal Service Registered Mail™, insured for the total value of the contents, and request a return receipt for confirmation that your shipment has reached Alicia's Jewelers. * (FedEx® and UPS® will not insure merchandise over $500.)